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Animation 1 [530-AN1-AB]

This course will introduce students to animation aesthetics and the basic techniques and tools of animation production. They will become acquainted with the relationship between the creation of images and the production of meaning in society. The visual language of animation as an art form will be of great concern. Traditional and contemporary art practices and ideas will be presented through critiques, video presentations. Students will learn various animation techniques and they will have the opportunity to apply these techniques to their film experiments.

Animation 2 [530-AN2-AB]

This second level course is for students who have developed some skills in the basic techniques of animation. The main goal of the course is to assure the completion of projects that build on the techniques and tools learned in Animation 1. Emphasis will be placed on the technical as well as the aesthetic requirements of creating a good animation portfolio. Students will be guided towards the achievement of one of the main goals of the Creative Arts, Literature and Languages program: ‘to experience the creative process’.

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